Why does my cat wake me up so early, and what can I do about it?

If you normally feed your cat within the morning, you might want to ensure your cat just isn’t associating wake-up time with breakfast time. Leave a spot between while you get away from bed and while you feed kitty breakfast – goal for no less than half an hour.

If you usually feed your cat in the morning, you need to make sure your cat is not associating wake up time with breakfast time.

If you normally feed your cat within the morning, you might want to ensure your cat just isn’t associating get up time with breakfast time.Credit:iStock

You may also practice your cat to affiliate one thing else with getting fed, akin to saying “breakfast time!”

Cats love predictability. Keeping an everyday routine has even been related to diminished stress ranges in cats. To keep a routine, maintain mealtimes, play instances and any grooming near the identical time every day.

Empty litter at common, predictable intervals (soiled or disturbed litter may be a cause your cat is waking you up). Try to not transfer litter trays, bowls or scratch posts round except wanted.

If one thing modifications of their surroundings – you go on vacation, transfer furnishings or have a brand new home visitor or pet – your cat could return to early morning wake-up calls. This is typical for cats.

Keep the routine as constant as you possibly can and finally your cat will settle in to the brand new regular.

Cats get bored easily. Keeping variety in your play times is important.

Cats get bored simply. Keeping selection in your play instances is vital.Credit:ThinkStock

3. They’re not utilizing up their vitality all through the day.

It’s frequent data cats like to sleep, however in addition they like to play and transfer their our bodies similar to us. It’s vital to present your cat entry to a wide range of toys and assets round the home to work together with, particularly in case you’re not dwelling usually.

Scratch posts provide cats a spot to climb and stretch. Balls, smooth and motorised toys give them a chance to play and train.


When you’re dwelling, have interaction your cat with an interactive toy (like a cat wand) or play a sport of chase round the home. You may even strive making up a sport your cat will get pleasure from.

Cats get bored simply. Keep selection in your play instances. And don’t play along with your cat within the hour earlier than you need to go to mattress. Ideally, a play session earlier than you exit and when you get dwelling ought to assist to maintain your kitty quiet in a single day.

Help! I’ve made these modifications and my cat nonetheless woke me up!

Your cat would possibly nonetheless wake you up for a while. This behaviour could even worsen within the quick time period as your cat adjusts. The key’s to disregard your cat’s behaviour at night time or within the early morning. Don’t stand up and, in case you can, don’t work together along with your cat after they wake you.


If you’ve tried every thing and your cat nonetheless wakes you up, it’s time to go to see your veterinarian. There could be a well being cause inflicting the behaviour.

Hopefully, you and your cat can come to an settlement about when it’s sleep time and when it’s wake-up time. It is certainly doable to like your cat and nonetheless get your sleep.

Susan Hazel is a senior lecturer on the School of Animal and Veterinary Science, University of Adelaide. Julia Henning is a PhD candidate on the University of Adelaide.

This article is republished from The Conversation.

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