Video of brutally attacked Sydney grandmother played in court

Harrowing video has been performed to a court docket of 92-year-old Marjorie Welsh talking with police within the days after she was brutally bashed by her cleaner in 2019.

The recording was taken at Ms Welsh’s hospital mattress lower than per week after the grandmother was savagely assaulted in her Ashfield house by her cleaner, Hanny Papanicolaou.

The 38-year-old hit the aged girl together with her personal crockery and her strolling stick earlier than repeatedly stabbing her in her Ashbury house.

Marjorie Welsh, 92, was brutally bashed by her cleaner in 2019.
Marjorie Welsh, 92, was brutally bashed by her cleaner in 2019. (9News)

“I wouldn’t trust anyone anymore,” the Ms Welsh informed police.

“I’m having special gates when I’m back, I’m making it thief-proof, killer-proof.”

Ms Welsh died on account of her accidents within the weeks after giving that proof.

Ms Welsh’s daughters, Angela MacLeod and Elizabeth Welsh, watched the video for the primary time immediately in court docket.

“It was very very confronting,” Ms MacLeod stated.

“We’d only seen little snaps. To see it all, for her to be so clear about how she felt about it and what it had done to her … she was always so concise.”

Hanny Papanicolaou faces a lengthy prison sentence.
Hanny Papanicolaou faces a prolonged jail sentence. (9News)

The video interview kinds a part of the sufferer impression assertion which was submitted to the court docket in Ms Papanicolaou’s sentence listening to.

“She gave evidence at her own murder trial and it really sums her up,” Elizabeth Welsh informed 9News.

As the video of Ms Welsh’s interview was performed to the court docket, her convicted killer wiped away tears.

Papanicolaou is dealing with a prolonged jail sentence, with the Crown signalling that the jail time period could possibly be in extra of 20 years.

Marjorie Welsh's daughter Angela MacLeod speaks outside court.
Marjorie Welsh’s daughter Angela MacLeod speaks outdoors court docket. (9News)

“Elderly people need to be taken care of. Their home is their sanctuary,” Ms MacLeod stated.

“She was strong, intelligent, loving, protective, everything you’d want in a mum.

“We have been at all times very pleased with her. Right to the tip.”

Papanicolaou’s sentence shall be handed down at a later date.

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