UFC: Conor McGregor offers an update on his possible UFC return


After the horror fracture he suffered against Dustin Poirier,Conor McGregor has been working non-stop to fully recover in order to return. Initially, it wasbelieved that McGregor would take more than one year to come back from such a serious injury. But time has done wonders for the UFC legend, that and a proper recovery process. In fact, Conor wanted to give an update to all his Twitter followers. He decided to address many of their questions and maybe even offer a time table for his return. Conor really got into it with all the fans through the #asknotorious hashtag.

This is what Conor wrote on Twitter: “The fibula is fully healed. The medial side of the tibia is developing nice callous also. It is just patience now for it to form down through the bone to the lateral side of the tibia where the larger break occurred. It’s getting there. Patience will win this race for me! I celebrate this everyday! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! It’s stronger I am getting! I cannot wait to wrap this steel bar in my leg across the neck of a future opponent! I am counting down by the seconds until I get to launch this weapon. I will be full mixed martial arts sparring by April. Easily! By then a return will be imminent. But I must be patient. I will beat this!”

What did Conor think of the Covington-Usman bout?

Amongst the many questions he had from fans, Conor responded to everything from showing respect to Sean O’Malley and Michael Chandler. To also giving his two cents on the second fight between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. This is what he had to say: “Thought Colby lumped him up nice last fight. Finished stronger. Without that 2nd round knockdown it’s Colby’s fight imo. If even still. I see many holes. As well as a suspect dome. I fancy it greatly for the treble.” Will we ever get to see Covington fight Kamaru Usman in a trilogy?

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