TikTok star Maia Knight criticised over video of her toddlers

A mum of twins who has shot to fame on TikTok is attracting quite a lot of haters. But she says she’s laughing all the way in which to the financial institution.

A younger mum refuses to take heed to on-line “haters” over TikTok movies she posts of her twin child ladies, telling them to “come up with something more creative”.

She additionally mentioned that she’s laughing all the way in which to the financial institution as a result of whatever the vitriol, “the more you comment the more money I make”.

Maia Knight, 25, from New York, is a single mum of one-year-old twins who has shot to fame on social media, with eight million followers and 831 million likes on TikTok.

The mum makes entertaining movies showcasing what it’s like juggling life along with her two daughters, Scout and Violet, and followers have cherished watching her cute infants change as they develop.

She posts virtually every day, exhibiting their routines and cute moments, together with cuddles – and a few irritating moments.

However, Ms Knight is changing into more and more controversial, with some social media customers involved about what they’re recognizing in her movies.

One such eyebrow-raising video, posted this month, started with the mum saying: “So my paediatrician saw my video about not giving him any more formula and lollipops and …” (one toddler cries, Knight seems exasperated) “… and she said that she disagrees with my choices so I found another paediatrician she also disagreed with my choices. Long story short they no longer have a paediatrician but I am giving them one bottle a day and Violet is going to show you how she makes it because I don’t make it obviously.”

She then makes use of the newborn’s hand to activate the faucet after which makes use of her face to push the faucet sideways, after which proceeds to shake the method. Next she cuts to footage of her child mendacity on the benchtop consuming it.

She additionally confirmed her twins sitting on the benchtop in seats having some cocoa puff cereal.

“If you spill that you pick it up,” Ms Knight warned them.

There had been additionally comfortable moments of Knight lovingly cuddling her twins.

In one other video, she instructed her twins: “No smiling, only crying for your mum.”

While some love Ms Knight’s movies and argue she’s solely being sarcastic, others like to hate her.

One commenter wrote on the mum’s Facebook web page: “How can y’all say she’s a bad mum over a silly video – like, wow. I cant stand the mum-shaming I see nowadays.”

Another wrote: “I love how people get stirred up over these videos. She literally makes them to bother people and it never fails. Those are two happy babies so she is doing a great job at being a single mum to twins.”

But one other girl was shocked over seeing the newborn on the counter. “I only gasped when baby was lying on the counter … Kids and babies move fast; I have seen a baby roll over off change table with mum right beside them.”

A second girl agreed: “It was very real leaving a baby on a countertop everyone here saw it with their own eyes. For a mother to even do something like that and then the film it is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

There are additionally different movies exhibiting Knight feeding her twins sugary biscuits, then joking that she starves them, and placing them in a crate.

However, Ms Knight has turn into used to the haters. In a video earlier this month, she mentioned she desires the controversy to proceed.

“It’s kind of old to just accuse me of being a bad mum or neglectful or whatever you accuse me of, like come up with something more creative.

“I’m not going to turn my comments off because that’s how I make my money. So the more you comment, the more money I make.”

Ms Knight has beforehand revealed that the twins’ father deserted her at seven weeks pregnant after telling her to get an abortion.

“After telling [the father that she was pregnant], he told me to get an abortion and to stop contacting him when I was seven weeks pregnant,” she mentioned.

“I moved in with my mum and kept my pregnancy a secret from the world.”

Her twins had been born prematurely after problems.

“At my 34-week appointment, my OB told me I had pre-eclampsia and admitted me to the hospital. I started having contractions, went into heart failure, and was taken by ambulance to a hospital three hours away.”

However she discovered the power to boost her twins with out her ex.

“I had two amazing girls that are my best friends and realised I could do this. I had my family and my friends to support me. All my dreams are coming true.”

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