The Double Standards of the Western World

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an atrocity on the suitable to sovereignty and independence. Over the previous few months, strong criticism has been leveled towards Russian President Vladimir V. Putin and a raft of sanctions imposed to isolate the Russian economic system within the international monetary infrastructure. 

As I’m writing this text, the preventing has entered its 9th week for the reason that invasion with over 2,000 civilian deaths. Millions of Ukrainians have fled to neighboring borders of Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova. NATO stays an energetic deterrent on the army entrance – activating protection protocols and sending auxiliary troops to the Baltic states. 

However, the United States is the flag-bearer of the Ukrainian defensive entrance on the worldwide diplomatic canvas. Supplying arms to Ukraine, rallying European allies towards Putin, and tightening financial measures towards the Kremlin cohort, the United States appears resilient to push the Russian offensive off Ukrainian soil. It is intriguing to surprise: is the US defending a sovereign state or just deterring an adversary? The two purviews would possibly seem the identical; the underlying intentions fluctuate enormously.

Western Hypocrisy

Assuming that the United States is a savior of democracy and a custodian of justice, allow us to paint a proverbial image. In 2014, Russian forces invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea, the southern peninsula adjoining the Black Sea. The invasion resulted in six casualties – one pro-Ukrainian, two pPro-Russian, two Ukrainian troopers, and one Crimean insurgent. In response, the Obama regime levied crippling sanctions towards senior officers of the Kremlin, severed business ties with Russia, and authorized $2 billion in mortgage ensures to Ukraine. Just a few months after the Crimean annexation, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) invaded Gaza beneath the pretext of provocation by Hamas, a Palestinian nationalist group. The subsequent Gaza struggle resulted in a bloodbath of 2,100 Palestinians as IDF troopers dropped a minimum of 6,000 bombs on the Gaza Strip. By distinction with Russia’s aggression, the US response to the Israeli invasion translated right into a basic assertion from the US officers: “Israel has a right to defend itself.” The image is perilously contradictory, isn’t it?

Just final yr, the Israeli assault on Gaza killed a minimum of 275 civilians, together with 61 kids and 35 ladies. The IDF decimated 18 buildings in Palestine, obliterated 40 colleges, and destroyed a number of hospitals. The United Nations (UN) estimated that Israeli airstrikes destroyed 94 buildings in Gaza. The 11-day struggle displaced over 72,000 Palestinians. And how did the US reply to the genocide performed by the state of Israel? It vetoed the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) decision denouncing Israel for struggle crimes and human rights violations. 

Since February, the US has referred to as 5 emergency council conferences to denounce the Russian invasion. Russia was even kicked out of the UN Human Rights Council. Yet, simply final yr, the US blocked the UNSC joint assertion condemning Israel’s army response and calling for a direct ceasefire three instances in a single week. When Russia vetoed a draft council decision deploring the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US ambassador to the United Nations retorted: “Russia cannot veto the Ukrainian people. Russia cannot veto the UN Charter. And Russia cannot, and will not, veto accountability.” This irony completely exemplifies American hypocrisy.

The Static United Nations

In the Security Council, the United States has exercised its veto 82 instances; 43 of these vetoes had been used to protect Israel from accountability for comparable struggle crimes and human rights violations, every of these being the only real veto towards the proposed decision. The US accuses Russia of abusing its privileged place as a veto-wielding everlasting member of the Security Council. However, the United States has regularly screened Israel from international condemnation and intermittently interrupted worldwide efforts to carry the Israeli authorities accountable for genocidal crimes beneath the UN Charter and worldwide legislation. While the US rebuffs Russian safety reservations apropos of NATO enlargement in Eastern Europe, the US administrations have again and again defended Israeli atrocities on Palestinians within the title of ‘Israel’s proper to defend itself’ when Israel is the encroacher on the Palestinian soil. The two drastically antipodal narratives are the manifestation of American duplicity.

Without a shred of doubt, the Putin administration is a despotic, oppressive regime. It has repressed the native opposition, razed distinguished critics, and exacted its will on harmless Ukrainians. Today, the Russian forces are savagely attempting to dismember a sovereign nation to advertise Putin’s envisioned sphere of Soviet affect in Europe. By the identical requirements, Israel ought to be thought-about a tyrant state for illegally occupying the Palestinian territory and slaughtering 1000’s of harmless civilians within the title of misleading protection. 

By the identical measure, the United States can be a hypocrite for advancing its ally’s violence on one entrance whereas denouncing a rival for a similar actions on one other. Today, the US sanctions are supposed to push the Russian economic system into the abyss. Yet, the US nonetheless maintains an estimated $2.2 billion stockpile of weapons in Israel. Despite final yr’s warfare, the US nonetheless gives $3.8 billion/annum army help to the state of Israel, help that has been constantly used to subdue Palestinians and develop unlawful settlements within the West Bank.

The Naïveté of Zelensky

I don’t criticize the oppressed however use the modest capability of my voice to venture their grievances to the world. Like billions of individuals all over the world, I’ve been impressed by the bravery and resilience of President Zelensky. His defiance within the face of tyranny is commendable by all measures. Perhaps that’s the reason why his current handle to the Israeli Knesset saddens me this deeply. “I don’t need to convince you how intertwined our stories are. Stories of Ukrainians and Jews. In the past, and now, in this terrible time. We are in different countries and in completely different conditions. But the threat is the same: for both us and you – the total destruction of the people, state, and culture. And even of the names: Ukraine, Israel,” he stated in his handle. In his effort to rally Israeli help towards Russia, he embodied the Western double customary in direction of the legitimacy of the Palestinian wrestle towards a tyrant regime, fairly just like the Russian autocracy at the moment upending a sovereign democracy.

It pains me to deconstruct the international coverage of Ukraine in direction of Israel. On one entrance, Zelensky claims to champion the human rights of harmless Ukrainians. He challenges the Western world to accentuate its sanctions on Russia, with the view of isolating Russia. However, on one other entrance, his nation has intermittently sided with the oppressor within the Palestinian-Israeli saga. He has pleaded with Israel to impose sanctions on Russia. Yet, in 2020, he blatantly licensed Ukraine’s exit from the United Nations Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, a physique defending the rights of Palestinians within the annexed territories.

I consider Zelensky has a tough lesson to study earlier than this struggle in Ukraine is settled. His ambition of changing into the “big Israel” are sadly a manifestation of his naïveté. He must understand that the Western world is as egocentric because the little man wreaking havoc on his nation. Hopefully, he may ultimately study that Israel and its confederates would solely press ahead till it dangers themselves. Israel wouldn’t impose sanctions on Russia, as that might be a tacit acknowledgment of an implicit actuality, a actuality that requires that the supposed “free world”  would impose sanctions when a strong nation occupies its weaker counterpart to dominate its existence with a supremacist colonial design. 

While denouncing Russia, the world has once more regarded previous the assaults on Gaza (and East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces. Perhaps an Israeli assault on Palestine is just too clichéd for anybody to react to and even denounce. Maybe the invasion of Ukraine carries extra impetus than the intermittent desecration of the Al-Aqsa mosque. And the lack of life in Gaza could be too obscurely perceived to attach the dots. Let me then simplify the notion: Russia is to Ukraine as Israel is to Palestine. 

This is my problem to the West. It is excessive time that you simply decide a facet with out sugarcoating the distinction in dynamics. Do you stand with the oppressor or the oppressed? Ask your self. If your reply just isn’t the identical regarding Ukraine and Israel, then I’m afraid, hypocrisy is entrenched a lot deeper than it’s possible you’ll think about in your normal psyche!

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