Sydney cafe slammed by furious Aussies over Vegemite toast: ‘F**ked up every step’

A Sydney cafe has been labelled “un-Australian” for its unhappy wanting Vegemite toast.

A flummoxed buyer of the Newton eatery took to social media on Saturday to share what they claimed to have been served.

And regardless of the place Aussies stand within the quantity of “how much Vegemite is the right amount?” debate, it was clear from the suggestions this fell nicely quick.

“Vegemite on toast from a cafe,” the client posted on Reddit, along with a tragic face emoji and a snap of the acquisition, which seems to function undercooked bread, an uneven unfold of butter and a stingy dollop of the great things.

The toast – a easy bread, butter and unfold combo – was slammed, with one individual roasting the cafe for messing up “every step”.

“Not enough toasting, not enough butter, not enough Vegemite,” they mentioned.

Another mentioned: “I always wondered how badly you can you f** up Vegemite on toast. We have a new leader.”

A 3rd dubbed it “un-Australian” whereas one other mentioned it was like employees “just drove past the Vegemite factory holding the toast out the window.”

A Sydney cafe has been labelled “un-Australian” for its sad looking Vegemite toast.
Camera IconA Sydney cafe has been labelled “un-Australian” for its unhappy wanting Vegemite toast. Credit: Reddit/juvey88

While some questioned why you’d order Vegemite toast from a restaurant when it’s simply made at residence, others had been so livid they questioned “which police station did you drive to for the report?”

“My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined,” one individual commented.

Meanwhile there have been others eager to share the “only” method to correctly put together Vegemite on toast.

“Said it before I’ll say it again: Butter on hot toast, edge to edge. Let it melt. Cover with Vegemite edge to edge. If you can see butter that’s a personal choice. If you can see bread you’ve failed at Vegemite toast.”

Getting it proper is one thing Australians contemplate essential.

In November a person supplied toast for breakfast whereas held in lock-up at Albany Police Station smeared Vegemite throughout his cell as a result of he was livid concerning the thickness of the enduring Australian unfold.

A Police prosecutor mentioned a “specialist cleaner” was wanted to scrub up the mess.

Last 12 months in style Facebook web page Stay at Home Mum questionned followers about how a lot unfold is the correct quantity – presenting a board with six slices of toast, every with extra Vegemite than the final.

Proving simply how private the choice might be, the solutions assorted throughout the board.

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