Saying you hate an office system even as you use it is not hypocritical


I used to be speaking to a senior individual at our firm a couple of specific system we (and thousands and thousands of different organisations) use. I hate it. I assumed I used to be confiding safely, however this individual reacted angrily. They advised me that if I didn’t like a system I used to be a “hypocrite” for working with it and, consequently, earning profits from it.

I used to be misplaced for phrases and need I’d had a robust comeback. I suppose I froze. What ought to I’ve stated?

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I’m not towards discovering contradictions in different individuals’s opinions and arguments. It could be loads of enjoyable. But, let’s not fake in any other case: it will also be a completely ungratifying and unedifying train in choosing low-hanging fruit. That’s as a result of each single individual on the planet holds concepts which might be inconsistent and even incompatible with each other. Finding two that match – or, extra precisely, that don’t match – isn’t difficult in any respect. Finding two which might be so preposterously incongruous that they clearly represent, as your antagonist places it, “hypocrisy”, is tougher and consequently extra rewarding.

As is so usually the case, there’s a spectrum at play right here.

At one finish are gross ethical conflicts. Take for instance, individuals within the USA who name themselves “pro-life” however say it’s greatest to do primarily nothing about preventable college shootings. These are positions so irreconcilable that they’re grotesque. In a piece context, it could be somebody who delights in bullying others, who trots out “learn how to take a joke” when challenged, and who then runs to HR on the slightest trace of a foul phrase concerning the job they’re doing.

At the opposite finish is feather-light trivia. If you, for example, go to the fitness center to remain wholesome but in addition drink a glass of wine with dinner … who actually cares? Or, to convey it again to work once more, in the event you joke out loud concerning the variety of typos in workplace emails after which make one your self, no one ought to be scandalised.

Also, at this finish are contradictions which might be unattainable to keep away from. It’s completely cheap to say you’re apprehensive about local weather change but in addition use electrical energy at work. What’s the choice? I believe your case falls into this class. The individual accusing you appears to be suggesting that in the event you don’t like one thing about your job, then you definately shouldn’t try this job. That’s a ridiculous notion.

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