Perth: Tiana Keane gives birth to baby boy in Hungry Jack’s High Wycombe carpark

The infants are higher at Hungry Jack’s — not less than in accordance with new mum Tiana Keane, whose household meal order grew by one when she gave beginning to her new junior whopper within the automobile park of the High Wycombe HJ’s.

Ms Keane and her associate Josh Armstrong had been on their solution to the hospital on Friday evening when child Reid determined quite than drive by means of his mother and father must depend on house supply.

And so, with surprised diners trying on, and an ambulance nonetheless on the way in which, Tiana and Josh took it away.

“It will be one for the 21st — I have to keep telling the story to make it real in my head. It still doesn’t feel real,” Ms Keane stated on Saturday.

“I gave birth to a baby in the carpark of Hungry Jack’s. It is surreal, it is insane.

“My waters broke at 6.50pm. With every contraction, it was getting worse — so we jumped in the car quickly.

“We made it two seconds up the road when I said to Josh: ‘You need to pull over and call an ambulance’, because he was coming out.

The Hungry Jack’s in High Wycombe where the dramatic birth took place.
Camera IconThe Hungry Jack’s in High Wycombe where the dramatic birth took place. Credit: Matt Jelonek/The West Australian

“Within seconds — two pushes — he was here.

“’I cannot believe this is happening’ was what was going through my head. I was terrified — it was really scary. I didn’t know whether he was going to come out OK.”

With his telephone in a single hand, and a 000 operator trying to information him, Mr Thompson was leaning into the passenger seat to welcome his second son into the world.

“I was covered in everything, I was just running around just trying to figure out what I am doing. It just happened so quick — I held the head and the rest just followed,” Josh stated.

“It was three minutes from when I dialled 000 to when the baby was there.”

On his shoulder had been two Good Samaritans diners, who who put their down bundle meals to assist welcome Ms Keane’s bundle of pleasure.

Steven Lovett stated after listening to close by screams he feared the worst, then realised what was taking place.

Tiana Keane gave birth in the carpark at the local Hungry Jack’s last night.
Camera IconTiana Keane gave beginning within the carpark on the native Hungry Jack’s final evening. Credit: Daniel Wilkins/The West Australian

“I thought it was some crazy person in the neighbourhood. And then I realised it was someone in the car — and they said they were having a baby,” Mr Lovett stated.

“I ended up rubbing baby’s chest and back to check he was breathing, and making sure the umbilical cord wasn’t wrapped around him. It made my night.”

Scott Wolfenden stated he was in awe of how the brand new mother and father dealt with the supply.

“They were amazing, so calm — and they kept apologising to us! When we heard that first cry, that was awesome. Right time right place — for us, but maybe not for them.”

A spokesperson for Hungry Jack’s additionally welcomed the distinctive supply.

“It was heartwarming to see such wonderful community spirit — we wish the parents and the newborn all the best.”

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