Number of Migrants Who Died Attempting to Enter Spain Doubles in 2021

A total of 4,404 migrants have lost their lives attempting to enter Spain during last year, marking more than double of the amount that died in 2020, according to the figures provided by the non-governmental migrant rights organization Walking Borders.

In addition, the figures published by this organization are much higher compared to the figures published by the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the highest toll since the group began tracking data back in 2015, reports.

The Walking Border report has found that the majority of persons who died during last year had been coming from northern Africa to the Canary Islands in Spain.

“The deterrence and contention policies imposed by Europe and Morocco on Western Mediterranean routes have steadily pushed migration flows towards the Atlantic, making the Canary Islands the main destination for people on the move,” the report reads.

According to the figures provided by the same source, hundreds of women and children also died during their journey.

 “A total of 628 women and 205 children have lost their lives due to the migratory necropolitics,” the group pointed out in a statement published on Twitter.

Walking Border has also stressed that migration control policies have been an essential driving factor.

Based on the figures provided by Spain authorities, there had been more than 39,000 arrivals by sea during last year. According to the organization, authorities in Spain do not track the number of people who die attempting to reach its shores.

In this regard, the founder of the organization Helena Maleno said the fate of each boat is investigated, and those who have been missing at sea for a more extended period than a month are presumed dead.

According to the group, a total of 90 per cent of the missing and dead persons were lost on 124 shipwrecks since December 2020.

Despite the fact that Spain has been receiving a high number of migrants, especially in the last years, except for 2020, it does not have the highest number of immigrants in Europe, according to the figures provided by Statista.

“In 2015, the European Union confronted a rising number of refugees arriving from the Middle East. Migration figures show that Germany accommodated approximately 14 million foreign-born citizens, ranking it as the country that most hosted immigrants in Europe in 2018,” the statement published previously by Statista reads.

The company stressed that in comparison to Germany, Spain’s international population stood merely over six million, placing the Western Mediterranean country in sixth place on the European list of the foreign-born population.

Recently, reported that over 11,000 people attempted to reach Germany in an unlawful way, mainly by using Poland as a transiting country.

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