NFL Power Rankings – Week 9: Von Miller puts the Rams on top


This is the subjective ranking of all NFL teams according to their present level, not a prediction of the future or a compendium of the past.

Top 10:

#1.- Los Angeles Rams (7-1)

With the arrival of Von Miller, this team is firm in being the top candidate to win Super Bowl LVI to be played at their home, SoFi Stadium on February 13, 2022.

#2.- Dallas Cowboys (6-1)

The victory against the Vikings without the presence of their star quarterback Dak Prescott speaks very well of the evolution of this team that last year could not win without their starting passer.

#3.- Arizona Cardinals (7-1)

They were the last to lose their undefeated record after A.J. Green’s mistake on the last play against the Packers, they must get back to winning ways.

#4.- Buffalo Bills (5-2)

The offense led by Josh Allen is the most explosive in the NFL right now, Miami was not a serious opponent and they should be the first to win their division in the AFC.

#5.- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2)

Three losses in a row in the regular season against the New Orleans Saints is not a good stat, but Tom Brady and company are only focused on lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy again.

#6.- Green Bay Packers (7-1)

At least they will not have Aaron Rodgers one game, if not two, which affects the team’s current situation and after this slump, they must recover.

#7.- New Orleans Saints (5-2)

Beating the defending champs despite Jameis Winston’s injury speaks to the depth of this team. Will they keep Trevor Siemian as the starter?

#8.- Tennessee Titans (6-2)

If it wasn’t for Derrick Henry’s serious injury this team should be in first place. How much will the absence of the league’s best running back weigh on them?

#9.- Cincinnati Bengals (5-3)

After a remarkable thrashing win over the Ravens, the team showed their inconsistency by losing to the weak Jets. What is the real level of Joe Burrow’s team?

#10.- Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

The bye week should have helped them to refocus after a lousy game against Cincinnati.

The rest of the teams:

#11.- Kansas City Chiefs (4-4)

#12.- Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3)

#13.- Los Angeles Chargers (4-3)

#14.- New England Patriots (4-4)

#15.- Las Vegas Raiders (5-2)

#16.- Indianapolis Colts (3-5)

#17.- Cleveland Browns (4-4)

#18.- San Fancisco 49ers (3-4)

#19.- Carolina Panthers (4-4)

#20.- Atlanta Falcons (3-4)

#21.- Minnesota Vikings (3-4)

#22.- Denver Broncos (4-4)

#23.- Seattle Seahawks (3-5)

#24.- Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)

#25.- New York Giants (2-6)

#26.- New York Jets (2-5)

#27.- Chicago Bears (3-5)

#28.- Washington Football Teams (2-6)

#29.- Detroit Lions (0-8)

#30.- Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6)

#31.- Miami Dolphins (1-7)

#32.- Houston Texans (1-7)

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