More Than Half of Swiss Students Report Difficulties – 10% Considering to Quit Studies, Research Shows

An official press release has revealed that more than half of Swiss students are reporting difficulties in their studies.

According to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), about 57 per cent of the students are experiencing difficulties in their studies; 33 per cent of which reported issues with the content of the course, and 24 per cent listed lack of motivation as the main concern, reports.

Moreover, difficulties related to financial or personal aspects were also evident, with 17 percentage points for each issue. While students over 30 years old reported fewer difficulties with the content of their subjects, they also reported struggles with financial and personal issues. Students with parents without post-secondary education, which account for seven per cent of all students, reported more difficulties during their studies.

10% of Students Considering to Quit Their Studies

The survey, which was carried out in 2020 and reflected the pre-pandemic stats, reveals that students who describe their health as moderate, poor or very poor are most likely to consider giving up their studies (17 per cent).

On the other hand, students with parents without post-secondary education, those with financial hardships, 80 per cent of those somewhat employed and students over 35 years old are more likely than the average (nine per cent) to plan on quitting their studies, regardless of the department.

Social Interactivity With Academic Staff Varies on Department

About 75 per cent of students of applied sciences, medicine and pharmacy courses, technical sciences and economics claim they get on well with the professors, but often more than the average (61 per cent) of those that are friends with their teachers have fellow students.

On the contrary, students in the humanities and social sciences revealed that more of them get along with teachers, much less of them have friends among their fellow students.

By contrast, law students report less often that they get on well with teachers and that they have friends among their fellow students. A different picture emerges at the FH / PH. There, the students in all departments mention more often than the average that they get on well with the teachers,” survey findings show.

However, in addition to these issues, EU students, including those from Switzerland, are dealing with confusion and uncertainty regarding their studies as the majority of universities in the EU as well as globally have made testing and vaccination mandatory.

According to Erudera Vaccine Requirement Checker, which determines which universities globally require vaccination or test certificates in order for students to be able of attending classes, the list of universities in Switzerland that require such documents includes:

  • Hotelier School of Lausanne
  • César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
  • University of Economics Freiburg
  • University of Applied Sciences Friborg

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