Moon Knight: The ‘hippo goddess’ from episode 4, explained

Before we even start we simply need to throw this SPOILER ALERT in case you have not seen Moon Knight – S1E4 “The Tomb”. We are going to debate the finale of the episode so once more, please don’t preserve studying for those who nonetheless have not seen the episode. Very nicely then, let’s do that!

In Moon Knight episode 4, an odd new character with hippo-like options was launched. Taweret, an Egyptian god, is the character you are in search of for those who’re scratching your head and questioning what is going on on.

Oscar Isaac’sMarc Spector/Steven Grant was shot and awoke in a psychiatric hospital close to the top of the episode by Ethan Hawke’s villainous Arthur Harrow. Everything that occurred within the Disney+ sequence seemed to be a figment of Spector’s creativeness for some time. That is till he found Steven trapped in a tomb, and the 2 of them met the mysterious hippo-shaped god.

But who’s Taweret, and what does her presence within the MCU and in Moon Knight imply?

Who is Taweret?

Taweret is the Egyptian goddess of fertility and childbirth. She has the looks of a hippo, however with the arms of a lion and the tail and legs of a crocodile, as in Moon Knight. “Lady of Heaven,” “Mistress of Pure Water,” “She Who Removes Water,” and “Mistress of the Horizon” are a few of her epithets, and her title Taweret means “The Great One.”

The god was regarded as fierce, consistent with her horrifying look, however she was additionally a protector of girls and kids, particularly expectant moms, who wore her amulets to guard themselves and their youngsters from evil. Taweret was thought to help in childbirth, and the Nile’s annual flooding was additionally attributed to her. She used her talents to help the useless in making their solution to the afterlife safely by way of the harmful mountains of the west.

What does Taweret imply for the MCU?

Taweret, not like Khonshu and Ammit, has by no means appeared in a Marvel comedian guide. This just about leaves her character as a clear slate for the MCU to play with.

Given her connection to the afterlife Taweret seems to be aiding Marc/Steven within the afterlife, which is presumably the psychiatric hospital the place they’ve ended up.

It stays to be seen whether or not she is going to help them in escaping and stopping Harrow’s evil plans. The god can also be a member of the Ennead; we noticed a few of these deities collect by way of their avatars in Moon Knight episode 3, however Taweret was not amongst them.

If the Ennead reappears in future Moon Knight episodes, we will anticipate her to be included within the forged. At the second, it is unclear whether or not Taweret will return to the MCU, however given the Marvel universe’s historical past of crossovers and cameos, we’re not prone to see her once more.

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