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Hadi rejects Harapan: ‘Their tent has mice, cats, all sorts’

GanMu: It is stunning and embarrassing certainly to learn the denigrating phrases utilized by the president of a non secular get together in describing these from different events.

It is fundamental human decency to name one other particular person by his or her identify and use correct phrases to seek advice from your opponents.

How can one anticipate to imagine in PAS chief Abdul Hadi Awang and have respect for him when he calls fellow Malaysians “mice, cats and all sorts” however not the right terminology resembling “people with different race and religion” or “opponents who differ in opinion from us”?

Why is he so spiteful and stuffed with hatred for his opponents? He has by no means learnt from this – that each human being is valuable on this world.

We have been taught by no means to make use of such derogatory phrases, even in opposition to our perceived enemies. To us humankind is the creation of God, we’ve no proper to denigrate them.

We might have variations of opinion, faith and race, however we should always study to put aside these variations and stay collectively in direction of a typical aim. This is what each faith teaches us – “to love”.

For the sake of excellent order, politics and faith mustn’t and by no means combine. PAS, being a non secular get together, ought to confine itself to selling Islam and educating good values.

When these PAS leaders resolve to turn out to be politicians, that’s when all hell breaks unfastened. They begin naming and shaming one and all who come of their method and their faith takes a again seat.

Today’s PAS leaders are extra within the “benefits” that include their positions in authorities. Having tasted that, they are going to go to any extent to not solely retain what they’ve however attempt to get extra by all means.

If Muslims wish to assist a Malay-only get together, they’ve many selections in Umno, Amanah, Bersatu and Pejuang. PAS has to make up its thoughts – it’s both faith or politics. They can’t have the cake and eat it.

BlackTiger4134: Hadi speaks of Chinese and Indians in DAP as “mice and cats”, opposite to Islam, which says there shall be no racial discrimination.

Hadi’s model of communalism doesn’t auger nicely for Malaysia as a nation. Communalism will carry the entire nation down. Pakatan Harapan accepts all as they’re.

Existential Turd: This is a typical tactic of bigots. They dehumanise the individuals who disagree with them by depicting them as animals and bugs.

This desensitises the followers into discriminating in opposition to the minorities and is a prelude to persecution and genocide.

To maintain such a view in opposition to individuals who though not of the identical religion, however created by the identical God, speaks volumes concerning the religion they profess to follow.

Federal Bakery: Hadi’s data of politics is as dangerous as his data of his faith.

If he actually understood the one and believed the facility of the opposite, he needs to be there standing on the pulpit talking out in opposition to the evil that’s being carried out to this nation.

Attire and abuse of others fail to impress anybody as he reveals no braveness to talk out in opposition to the corruption of ideas and morals of these within the tents he as soon as shared.

If he was actually non secular and a person who believes the slogans he so freely utters, he needs to be standing up for the nation and its folks.

As it’s, he can see no increased than the cats and mice, God’s creatures he so simply derides.

One: Hadi, please proceed to concentrate on Muslim unity. Unite honest and honest-to-the-heart Muslims, please. We want sincere Muslims with integrity badly on this nation’s management.

So far, we don’t see any in your get together. Amongst your folks, those you want might provide you with energy and cash however they appear to be bent on destroying the establishments of the nation from the Securities Commission, the PDRM, and the judiciary to MACC, and many others. The cash you might be getting is soiled cash.

OCT: This is the issue when Hadi thinks too extremely about PAS that he has misplaced actuality.

Religion shouldn’t be the one deciding issue to win elections. Governance, integrity, honesty and moderation are among the successful factors that PAS don’t possess.

All different events are shunning PAS and this gives the look that PAS shouldn’t be appropriate as a coalition companion. PAS brings extra issues and points to any coalition than advantages and benefits.

The backside line is PAS should be an asset and never a legal responsibility. Hadi ought to come to his senses that PAS is sort of a plague that almost all events would like to steer clear of.

Talking massive is of no use. It is fooling itself.

MA: Yes, don’t be fooled by PAS antics. It’s not about faith or methods to deal with one other particular person.

They use faith to win over the unsuspecting Muslims, however actually it’s all political in the long run. And they are going to do it in any respect prices.

Hang Babeuf: Once once more. PAS rejects any massive tent. It prefers to stay in a small cave. One as slim and restricted because the horizons of its personal creativeness.

They are snug with that. Happy to stay completely on their very own phrases – as if nobody else exists…

And maybe they don’t have any actual alternative. Who of their proper thoughts would wish to share a tent with these camel-heads?

Malaysia Is Surrealist Art That Can Be Bought: Snakes mustn’t must make statements like these, realizing that rats wouldn’t welcome them of their tent anyway.

Sorry, I needed to go animal in step with the narrative.



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