Magda Szubanski snaps back at Twitter diet troll

After a Twitter troll informed the actor and comic to “on a diet,” Magda Szubanski had the right response to the “unsolicited medical advice”.

Magda Szubanski has snapped again at a merciless troll on Twitter who informed her to “go on a diet” after opening up about being “humiliated and discriminated” over her weight.

The comic and actor shared a screenshot of a tweet from a lady named Winnie Chan, which learn: “Go on a diet. Not rocket science and stop being a pathetic victim.”

In response, Szubanski brilliantly shut down the girl.

“Thanks for your unsolicited medical advice WinnieLotsOfNumbersBot,” she wrote.

“I’ve been on many diets. Maybe you’re right. Maybe a diet is the long term solution (debatable).

“Sadly for you tho, there ain’t no cure for nasty.”

Melbourne geriatrician Dr Kate Miller additionally slammed the fat-shaming troll.

“Dear Winnie, diets don’t work (this is now evidenced based advice from the Royal Australian College of Physicians),” Dr Kate Miller wrote.

“And bodies come in many shapes at varying degrees of health, across a whole spectrum of sizes.

“Also, Magda is PERFECT, how dare you.”

The remark earnt assist from a number of different Twitter accounts, with Szubanski additionally responding.

“Thank you. It’s an extremely complex area and shaming sure don’t help matters,” stated the previous Kath & Kim star.

It’s believed the troll’s damaging eating regimen insult got here after Szubanski referred to as out a lady for supporting Will Smith’s notorious response to comic Chris Rock’s joke on the Oscars.

Smith slapped Rock within the face after taking offense to a tasteless joke about his spouse’s shaved head.

“I’ve been humiliated, abused & discriminated against most of my life for being fat – I’ve never used violence as a response,” Szubanski wrote.

“And if someone did in my so-called defense I would know that it had nothing to do with their concern for me and everything to do with their own issues.”

Since sharing her submit, a number of of Szubanski’s followers additionally got here to her defence.

“I can’t abide this kind of ignorant bully. Weight control is complex. As many other post-menopausal women will know, losing weight at this stage of life is an even greater challenge. The focus should be on health, not dress size,” learn one remark.

“You’re beautiful, intelligent and an inspiration to me and many other Australian women. I don’t know who Winnie is but she sounds like someone who’s not worth your energy. Thanks for being there, Magda!” wrote one other.

“Any type of shaming is cruel. Ignore the bitterness,” shared one other.

In October 2020, Szubanski brazenly spoke about her relationship with fat-shaming and feedback about her weight, particularly from social media trolls.

“I am no longer stung by that. But I won’t let them use it as a weapon to push fat people, or anyone really, out of the conversation,” she stated.

“And, as a fat person, you’re not supposed to ever fight back. You’re supposed to just cop it because you’re fat and you brought that on yourself. I thought, ‘Well, f**k that!’”

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