Fresh air in yoga classes

Q. Attending my common yoga class, I opened up the window, since I like contemporary air. The trainer got here alongside and closed it once more. Do yogis have a proper to contemporary air?
S.R., Erskineville, NSW

Credit:Drew Aitken

A: The very first thing we should always examine is that this isn’t a Bikram yoga class, which is also referred to as sizzling yoga, which is also referred to as Hey, Shut The Window, You Imbecile, We Have To Keep The Temperature In This Tiny Airless Room Above 38 Degrees So That Everyone’s Forced To Inhale Each Other’s Reek For Up To An Hour yoga.

If we’ve decided that that is only a common, non-hot, less-reeky yoga class, then we most likely have to examine that opening a window isn’t going to be distracting to your fellow yogarians – that the category isn’t located on a busy road or inside 300 metres of an lively volcano.


And if we’ve confirmed that the yoga class is positioned in a quiet, non-volcanic spot, then we would need to be certain that your yoga trainer isn’t some form of divine greater being who might activate her cosmic powers of therapeutic and like to zap a lowly, window-opening yoga-goer right into a pile of ash and melted lycra. And if we’re assured that the yoga trainer is only a lowly, unzappy individual like the remainder of us (although a bit extra flexible), then now you can politely remind her of the previous enterprise adage: the client is all the time proper.

Especially when the client is paying $230 a month to do stretching workouts they might be doing at residence totally free, with each window of their home extensive open, watching a YouTube yoga class set in a Costa Rican rainforest. Or watching their very own pooch give a wonderfully good downward-facing-dog demonstration.


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