Dutton urges France to ‘put aside hurt feelings’; Labor attacks Morrison over leaked text; Victoria records 1,247 Covid cases, NSW 308, Queensland three – As it happened | Australia news

I think he had to go but it’s a bit like a kid going to a show and tell session with nothing to show and tell that I don’t think there is a lot to show for Australia’s reputation but really, we need to move beyond the climate change wars.

I shake my head at the three years we have lost under the current government. They have appropriated a few of the policies we took to the last election. At the last election you had Mr Morrison running around the bush saying that encouraging the take-up of electric vehicles by 2030 meant the death of the weekend.

Maybe that’s what you need to do to become prime minister, show no shame at all and this bloke seems to think Australians have the memories of goldfish and I don’t think they do and we have wasted a lot of time arguing about a scare campaign on climate when in fact, it’s the climate change which is scary as a phenomena.

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