Bunnings Warehouse says mould killer is in high demand as wet weather continues

A quickly promoting product has been dubbed “the new toilet paper panic buy challenge” as Bunnings shops wrestle to maintain up.

Shoppers are stocking up on mould killer at Bunnings Warehouse as moist climate continues all through NSW and Queensland.

The demand has been seen by a number of Aussies, with a picture of a number of merchandise bought out at varied shops doing the rounds on social media.

One consumer joked that it had develop into the “the new toilet paper panic buy challenge”.

“After all this rain everyone will be after that midgie and mosquito killing spray again but I bought one in advance last week since it all went out of stock like in Feb,” wrote one Reddit consumer.

“What‘s really killing me is I can’t get those wardrobe moisture crystals anywhere. I keep getting told ’sorry we just sold the last of the pallet’,” wrote one other.

Bunnings‘ Category Manager of Painting and Cleaning Sharyn Pertzela said mould killers, while in high demand, were not in low supply on the back end.

“We are currently experiencing strong demand for mould removal products in Queensland and New South Wales, but we have good overall stock availability across our store network,” Ms Pertzela said via Yahoo News.

“There may be times when some stores are temporarily low or out of stock on a particular item or brand but we are working closely with our suppliers to replenish as quickly as possible, and we generally have alternative product options available for customers.”

Queensland Health says bleach isn’t an ample mould killer. Vinegar and lots of different family cleaners are in a position to clear most delicate moulds.

“Household cleaning agents or detergents can do an effective job if used correctly, as can white fermented vinegar cleaning solution,” an announcement on the Queensland Health web site learn.

“The use of bleach may not be effective in killing mould on porous surfaces. However, bleach will help to minimise other disease-causing organisms that may be present because of contaminated floodwaters.”

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