Beware of clinics selling ‘pioneering’ cancer treatments

Cancer is a daunting phrase, laden with darkish implications. While survival with typical drugs has by no means been higher, a proliferation of clinics worldwide promise panaceas – at a worth. Vaunted as nigh-on miraculous, these different outfits have exploded in reputation, promulgating throughout social media with glossy aesthetics and galvanizing tales.

Even the eye-watering prices these centres demand has proved no obstacle, due to generously funded crowd-funding campaigns. Irish media has been effusive in praising these clinics, with one newspaper even lauding a “pioneering treatment in a specialised hospital”. But the fact behind their Instagram-ready facades and inspirational advertising and marketing is considerably much less edifying.

Mexico’s Hope4cancer is a grim exemplar. It boasts a rogue’s gallery of other drugs, all with conspicuously absent proof of efficacy: espresso enemas, non secular therapeutic, juice-fasting, and vitamin C infusions. Other therapies provided have technical-sounding names, however the veneer of medical legitimacy is illusory, garbing remedies which at coronary heart are profoundly pseudoscientific in borrowed robes of respectability. Magnetic-field remedy, Oxygen remedy, and ultraviolet blood irradiation might sound distinctly scientific to the unwary, however there may be zero proof they’ve any most cancers efficacy, and even believable biophysical rationale.

Central to their promoting is immunotherapy remedies, marketed as bespoke commerce secrets and techniques. But efficient therapies are by design examined overtly to make sure effectiveness. Such promoting blurbs betray remedies commercialised earlier than they’re verified – an alarming breach of medical ethics.

Naive patients can raise huge sums through crowdfunding to pay for fraudulent or unproven treatments. Photograph: Getty Images
Naive sufferers can increase large sums by means of crowdfunding to pay for fraudulent or unproven remedies. Photograph: Getty Images

Far from being ground-breaking, their therapies lack even originality. “Sunivera”, for instance, is a repacking of the protein GcMAF, a debunked most cancers intervention. This remedy is unlicensed in Europe and America for good purpose – it could actually and has killed sufferers. Such cynical rebranding is clear in all their “immunotherapies”, consisting of issues akin to shark cartilage and curcumin. These are basically long-discredited folks treatments, peddled in costly new packaging. Despite confusion from Irish media, they provide no precise confirmed immunotherapies like Pembrolizumab, which is obtainable in Ireland for responding sufferers.

Nor ought to hype over these ostensibly customized remedies encourage confidence.

In 2020, the provider of one of many centre’s hottest remedies was arrested in Alabama for illegally crafting contaminated home made suppositories. Despite these concoctions being completely ineffective and unsanitary, that provider alone netted $3.5 million from Hope4cancer.

In a response to a question from The Irish Times, Hope4Cancer stated their “integrative cancer treatment protocols are priced at a fraction of the actual cost of most mainstream oncology-based therapies”. It went on to say that “protocols consist of integrative cancer therapies that combine evidence-based, non-toxic cancer treatments alongside time-tested natural therapies that help the body restore optimal bioregulation”.

While immunotherapy is an actual class of most cancers remedy, nothing provided by this centre matches the definition utilized by physicians and scientists, or meets the regulatory and evidence-burden to even be thought-about viable most cancers remedies. Far from being in any manner progressive, Hope4cancer and plenty of related outfits in loosely-regulated Mexico have peddled the identical harmful nonsense to sufferers for over 30 years, with a resurgence buoyed by on-line crowd-funding.

Similar doubtful clinics exist the world over.

Slick testimonials

Chemothermia in Istanbul guarantees sufferers cutting-edge most cancers remedy in slick testimonials. Yet, these remedies, together with hyperthermia and ketogenic diets, are equally devoid of supporting proof.

She was enthusiastically declared disease-free by the clinic. Scans by Irish radiologists solely weeks later revealed a darker evaluation: a number of metastasis

A Prime Time investigation in 2018 adopted a number of Irish ladies who travelled there for most cancers remedy. Among them was Dublin girl Jocelyn Blake, who at 37 had been identified with a main ovarian most cancers. Subjected to a whirlwind of other therapies, she was enthusiastically declared disease-free by the clinic in September.

Scans by Irish radiologists solely weeks later revealed a darker evaluation: a number of metastasis. Whether the scans in Istanbul have been fabricated or dangerously inept, Jocelyn handed away in November, having given greater than €130,000 to Chemothermia. The similar investigation discovered her story was sadly not distinctive; a number of ladies given all-clears by the clinic have been subsequently proven to be fatally ailing upon their return house.

In a press release about the price of remedy, Chemothermia stated they “endeavour to keep these as low as possible”. The firm additionally claimed that their remedies don’t lack scientific proof and added that they do “not currently have any patients from Ireland and indeed have not had any for the last three years”.

The United States, too, is house to some infamously doubtful clinics, most notoriously the Burzynski clinic in Texas. For over 20 years, its hawking of ineffectual remedies and flagrant moral breaches have seen it condemned by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) {and professional} our bodies. Treatments price north of $10,000 a month, requiring deposits of greater than $100,000. Despite its lengthy historical past of exploitation, it stays common with weak sufferers, and at present not less than three Irish sufferers are crowdfunding for the enterprise.

The Burzynski clinic didn’t reply to a request for remark.

Even contained in the European Union, sufferers can nonetheless be preyed upon by unethical clinics, with spa-like different centres providing false hope at costs in extra of €100,000.

Long after sufferers have died, their testimonials are nonetheless used to lure unsuspecting new prospects

These clinics profit from a vicious cycle of determined sufferers and overly credulous media protection, which they exploit parasitically. Many supply reductions on their exorbitant charges if sufferers evangelise for the clinic in press or in testimonials.

In a merciless twist, even in dying these clinics can exploit their victims. Long after sufferers have died, their testimonials are nonetheless used to lure unsuspecting new prospects. In current months, Irish publications all gave these outfits uncritical, optimistic protection, failing utterly to test whether or not their remedies have been even efficacious. In the unregulated world of social media, influencers often current these clinics as bastions of hope.

While undoubtedly well-intended, this harms sufferers and enriches charlatans.


Worse once more, protection of those crowd-funding efforts inevitably point out that the remedy isn’t out there in Ireland, however persistently fail to investigate why this may be. For efficient therapies unavailable right here, akin to proton-therapy, the HSE can and infrequently does organize remedy overseas, overlaying all prices. But these remedies should understandably have confirmed efficacy and security, rendering rip-off clinics ineligible on each counts.

This poor framing by media shops is greater than a failure of diligence, because it carries with it a massively damaging implication that Irish remedy isn’t ok. This isn’t true, and does large disservice to the objectively excessive customary of Irish oncology. Patients pushed to pursue snake-oil usually endure due to it, dropping invaluable time with family members and huge quantities of cash for ineffective interventions, removed from house. Despite the benign perceptions and grand guarantees of other drugs, sufferers who depend on it run roughly twice the danger of dying than these on typical therapies.

Dr David Robert Grimes is a scientist and author of The Irrational Ape: Why We Fall for Disinformation, Conspiracy Theory and Propaganda (Simon & Schuster).
Dr David Robert Grimes is a scientist and writer of The Irrational Ape: Why We Fall for Disinformation, Conspiracy Theory and Propaganda (Simon & Schuster).

Stripped of empty hype, these clinics ruthlessly exploit human compassion in probably the most cynical manner possible. They profiteer off the vulnerability of sufferers and the kindness of individuals, with out a modicum of concern for harms they trigger. While the drive to assist is laudable, our default place have to be wholesome scepticism. In an age of medical disinformation, we’d be higher served by a conscientious media who test information to keep away from inadvertently amplifying snake-oil.

The painful reality is there are all the time these audacious sufficient to use the sick – we should realise when the emperor has no garments.

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