1534 new cases in Victoria, 13 deaths; 304 new local cases, three deaths in NSW; TGA approves booster shots of Pfizer vaccine for people aged 18 and over; Exemption-free travel for vaccinated Aussies

Mr Hunt has addressed the ongoing controversy around the potential entry of unvaccinated tennis players to the Australian Open in Victoria. 

He said the federal government’s position was “pretty simple”. 

“That is, that you can come in if you are double vaccinated,” he said. 

“If a state is seeking an exemption for somebody to come in for a workplace program or a similar event and they are not vaccinated, they can come in if that state seeks it.  

“They are subject, however, to two weeks of quarantine and that’s without fear or favour.  

“It is entirely a matter for the state, or the state working with Tennis Australia.  

“If there is a no jab, no play policy in Victoria, that’s a matter for them to resolve.  

“You have to do quarantine if you haven’t been vaccinated.  

“If the state wishes to seek the exemption for the players, not only one particular player, then that would be created at the Commonwealth level on a major event basis, but it would require a full vaccination.” 

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